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Stand Design & Build Art Integrated Learning Module

Module Description

The Stand design & Build Art Integrated Learning module (SBAIL) is a learning scenario for learners to carry out a process of self-discovery, self-relection and projection that allows to strenghten communication and their personal identitiy in a social context under the frame of art as a tool for revindication.

To know their thoughts about it and include them in the strategic decisions, is a good opportunity to start a process of democratization of workshop conception (This is identified as “Set the workshop” in the overall methodology of SBAIL).

The expected results of SBAIL should put on evidence:

  • The capacity developed by the learners to discover themselves.
  • The audacity obtained by capturing significant moments of their lives giving validity to their creations.
  • The capability to acquire and make use of artistic techniques.
  • The decision-making is evidenced during the development of activities.
  • The security acquired by publicly exhibiting their works in various settings.

The necessary time for the practical training is 40 hours, split in 4 axes and their 6 particular steps.


This module aims to:

Target learners

The target learners of SBAIL are people willing to learn Stand design & Build Art making, future or current artists with Romani background and influence. The trainers to work on the module are professionals which are involved in the art sector or related to it.

Training materials

The main training materials are separated in a Paper Act and an Art Lesson for Romani people. The Paper Act is developed around Roma background and information that will help with the pedagogical aspect of the Art lesson,  which is a studio project that explores stand design & build art with hands-on, creative activities and active discussions.


Art Lesson


Paper Act