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Fine-art Photography Integrated Learning Module

Module Description

Through any art form, we can enrich our knowledge in an easier and more fun way. It is even more creative for us to deal with art ourselves. To decide, however, we need to have some stimuli.

As a reference to the art of photography, the stimuli we receive are many and on a daily basis. Most people take a lot of pictures every day from their mobile phones. Social media is flooded with such images every day. But some attract more attention than others.

The activity of the Fine-art and Photography Art Integrated Learning module (PHAIL) is to find a photo on the internet that impressed them (We give motivation and stimuli).

The next step is to start taking their own photos.

  1. Or to tell a fairy tale- so one does not need to know how to read to learn the fairy tale.
  2. Or a story they want to share with the rest of the world (something that made them proud or impressed them or made them sad, etc.).
  3. Or a historical event, which they would like to make more widely known, for the world to know.
  4. Or to describe a day of their daily life, to show the difficulties / conveniences of their life as well as their customs and habits.
  5. Or even to project a problem that concerns them, in order to mobilize other people in order to solve it.

The necessary time for the practical training is 40 hours, split in 20 courses each of which will last 2 hours.


This module aims to:

Target learners

The target learners of PHAIL are people willing to learn photography and fine art making, future or current artists with Romani background and influence. The trainers to work on the module are professionals that are involved in the art sector or related to it.

Training materials

The main training materials are separated in a Paper Act and an Art Lesson for Romani people. The Paper Act is developed around Roma background and information that will help with the pedagogical aspect of the Art lesson,  which is a studio project that explores fine-art photography with hands-on, creative activities and active discussions.


Art Lesson


Paper Act