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Literature Art Integrated Learning Module

Module Description

The Literature Art Integrated Learning module (LAIL) is aiming to engage professional writers in the process of interaction and creation of new skills and techniques to a specific group of learners: Romani adults. The innovative aspect of the current work is that in the process of teaching and with the specific training techniques will be introduced and discussed the importance of the Romanipen 1 and Romani code as part of the Romani spirit, culture, law, history for creation of a positive narrative.

The necessary time for the practical training is 40 hours in 3 main parts: working with human creativity and imagination, introduction to Romani literature and mastering the creative writing process.


This module aims to:

Target learners

The target learners of LAIL are people willing to learn literature writing, future or current writers with Romani background and influence. The trainers to work on the module are professionals that are involved in the literature sector or related to it and professionals that support Romani integration to the EU (e.g., social workers, VET teachers, assistance, volunteers, …).

Training materials

The main training materials are separated in a Paper Act and an Art Lesson for Romani people. The Paper Act is developed around Roma background and information that will help with the pedagogical aspect of the Art lesson,  which is a studio project that explores literature art with hands-on, creative activities and active discussions.


Art Lesson


Paper Act