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Audiovisual Art Integrated Learning Module

Module Description

The Audiovisual Art Integrated Learning module (AAIL) will include how to develop graphic design. “A designer is similar to an engineer in that respect and must not only have an eye for color and style but must adhere to very intricate functional details that will meet the objectives of the project. The word “design” lends itself to a hint that someone or something has carefully created this “thing” and much planning and thought has been executed to produce the imagery or materials used for the project.” Then we will work out a beautiful collage like a graphic designer. For this we use the graphic tool Canva. Afterwards, we will work with a voice recorder to explain the different elements of the collage. What is there to see and why do we show these photos and images. There is room to add certain anecdotes or to play music that is part of the culture. In the end, we bring everything together in an OpenShot montage. This video editing tool allows us to show the collage step by step with the accompanying montage/audio/music.

The necessary time for the practical training is 40 hours separated among 3 main theoretical topics and numerous exercises.


This module aims to:

Target learners

The target learners of AAIL are people willing to learn audiovisual art making, future or current artists with Romani background and influence. The trainers to work on the module are professionals that are involved in the art sector or related to it.

Training materials

The main training materials are separated in a Paper Act and an Art Lesson for Romani people. The Paper Act is developed around Roma background and information that will help with the pedagogical aspect of the Art lesson,  which is a studio project that explores audiovisual art with hands-on, creative activities and active discussions.


Art Lesson


Paper Act