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Filmmaking Art Integrated Learning Module

Module Description

The Film making Art Integrated Learning module (FAIL) will provide the opportunity to learn how to make a video or a short documentary from the very beginning to the end of the process. The learners will develop a script as a team and plan the production and postproduction. Also, they will define locations, deal with makeup, costumes and scenography.

The production part will include shootings at the locations with the persons featured in the documentary video. They will shoot with professional equipment with the help of professionals but also with their smartphones. The postproduction will include editing of image, sound and titles in English. They will learn how to use free of charge video making applications but will also be part of professional editing as observers in order to get the grip of the sound and image editing (grading, coloring, sounds adding,…).

The necessary time for the practical training is 40 hours from which 25 hours for planning and theoretical part and 16 hours on exercises. The implementation steps are considering pre-production, production, post- production and preparation of the video script.


This module aims to:

Training materials

The main training materials are separated in a Paper Act and an Art Lesson for Romani people. The Paper Act is developed around Roma background and information that will help with the pedagogical aspect of the Art lesson,  which is a studio project that explores filmmaking art with hands-on, creative activities and active discussions.


Art Lesson


Paper Act